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Nano Wand – Nano Wand Pen

What is the Nano Wand Pen? Yes, it looks like a pen but it is actually a clever healing tool. You can clip it to a pocket and no one will know you are wearing a healing tool. At least that is what the nano wand pen is supposed to be. Unfortunately not all of […]

Nano Wand – Nano Wand or Iyashi Wand?

What Is The Difference Between the Nano Wand And The Iyashi Wand? The zero point energy wand phenomenon gives people an alternative to medication in the form of pills and injections to help reduce and eliminate symptoms in the body. With chronic conditions the body desperately wants to rid itself of symptoms that limit full […]

Nano Wand – Is The Nano Wand A Zero Point Energy Wand?

How Does The Nano Wand Work With The Zero Point Field? In order for anything to work with the zero point field it has to somehow have resonance with it.  Everything in the universe is part of the zero point field. It is the framework on which everything is built. As Creation happens, energies differentiate […]

Energy Wand – What is Energy Wand Resonance?

Why is Energy Wand Resonance Important? An energy wand is a healing device that everyone can use to initiate self healing or healing of others provided it can access and resonate at appropriate healing frequencies. In order for healing to take place, there must be a means of changing incoherent, dark energies that cause symptoms […]

Energy Wand – What Are Energy Wand Healing Energies?

Where Can I Find Energy Wand Healing Energies? Healing energies are energies similar to or the same frequency as the organ or body part in its healthiest state. Everything in your body vibrates at specific frequencies. The food that you eat vibrates at specific frequencies which affect your internal vibration. So does everything you drink. […]

Energy Wand- How Does An Energy Wand Heal?

How Does A Zero Point Energy Wand Heal? An energy wand or zero point energy wand is like a tuning fork, resonating at a certain frequency or set of frequencies to remind an organ or body part that is resonating incoherently and is creating symptoms to change its resonance back to its natural healthy frequency. […]

Energy Wand – Energy Wand or Zero Point Energy Wand

What Is The Difference Between An Energy Wand And A Zero Point Energy Wand? An energy wand emits or interacts with a specific frequency of energy and a zero point energy wand interacts with more frequencies within the scalar energies of the zero point field. Is one better than the other? Not necessarily, it all […]

Zero Point Wands – Pain and the Iyashi Zero Point Wands

Do Iyashi Zero Point Wands Work For Pain? The Iyashi zero point wand is an excellent choice for pain reduction. Pain is one of the things that people fear the most and the Iyashi zero point wand can work faster on your pain that the pills you take. In the past, pills and injections were […]

Zero Point Wands – Amega Zero Point Wands Amwand Price

Why Is The Amega Amwand Price Higher Than Other Zero Point Wands Prices? MLM companies typically have higher prices to pay the upline above the purchase. It is a model that lots of people enjoy who want to have their own business. A lot of people above the purchaser get a commission on what you […]