Nano Wand – Nano Wand Pen


What is the Nano Wand Pen?

Yes, it looks like a pen but it is actually a clever healing tool. You can clip it to a pocket and no one will know you are wearing a healing tool. At least that is what the nano wand pen is supposed to be. Unfortunately not all of them work as they are advertised to be. Some of them are weak and ineffective. They are supposed to resonate with incoherent energies in your energy field that are causing symptoms, creating a shift in their vibration which creates a healing of those symptoms.  Some of the nano wand pens generate negative ions, some do not. Some broadcast far infrared, some do not. Some are piezoelectric, some are not. It is too bad they are not consistent in their ability to assist healing.

Nano Wand Healing

If you are new to the zero point energy healing information you can go to the Iyashi Source website where there is a lot of educational material on how zero point energy wands work and what to expect from a good quality, clean and efficient healing wand.

Nano Wand Quality Control

The concept of the nano wand pen is a good one but the quality control is poor overall. They are sold as is from the factory and there is no testing done to make sure the nano wand works or works on useful frequencies for the body.

Better Than A Nano Wand

If you are looking for a medication-free alternative a good quality zero point energy wand like the Iyashi wand is a much better alternative than the nano wand pen.  The Iyashi wand is a full spectrum zero point energy wand that is re-engineered in Canada to make sure it is free of all junk energies, tested to make sure it is functioning as it should and infused with BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology), a full spectrum library of energy frequencies the body recognizes and uses in its healthiest state. With a clean energetic background, BFIT sends a clear energetic signal, much like a tuning fork to wayward frequencies which ‘hear’ the correct resonance and change their tune as a result. It is a simple way that anyone can use, even a child to direct healing where it is needed. Is it your time to become your own healer? But you may not be able to use a nano wand pen to do it. You need Iyashi.

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