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Energy Wands – Using Energy Wands For Your Dog

Dogs, just like cats enjoy a good vibe. They love good energy. It keeps them happy and healthy and makes them feel better when they are low. Animals aren’t great fans of change but most of the time they can adapt and get over whatever it is. Sometimes however, loss is just too much to […]

Energy Wands – Using Energy Wands For Your Cat

Cats are very energy sensitive, in addition to being very picky. They also hide issues very well and you need to be very familiar with your pussy to notice subtle changes that indicate something may be wrong. Using an energy wand like a zero point energy wand on your cat may help shift what is […]

Energy Wand – What is Energy Wand Resonance?

Why is Energy Wand Resonance Important? An energy wand is a healing device that everyone can use to initiate self healing or healing of others provided it can access and resonate at appropriate healing frequencies. In order for healing to take place, there must be a means of changing incoherent, dark energies that cause symptoms […]