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Zero Point Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand For Pain

A Zero Point Energy Wand Joins A Long History of Energy Healing For thousands of years, health practitioners have known that pain is stuck energy. There is an energy restriction or blockage that energy is banging against that is causing you to hurt. You can move stuck energy yourself using a full spectrum zero point […]

Zero Point Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand For Fatigue

Ancient physicians and healers have known for thousands of years that fatigue is associated with energy depletion in your energy field. Whether you ran yourself to exhaustion or you just can’t manage to get through your day, you energy is depleted enough that even that 3 pm Mars Bar isn’t going to help you. What […]

Zero Point Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand For Your Performance Animals

Use A Zero Point Energy Wand  to Improve The Performance of your Race Horses and Show Dogs When energy is in alignment amazing things can happen. By using a zero point energy wand to correct incoherencies in the energy field of your race horse or show dog, you give them the best avenue to perform […]

Zero Point Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand And Your Herd Animals

How To Use A Zero Point Energy Wand  On Your Herd Animals Just like field crops, herd animals form energy matrixes where the herd is in tune with everything around them. You can see it in flocks of starlings, a breed of bird, where the large flocks all move in unison, abruptly changing direction all […]

Zero Point Field Healing – Zero Point Field Healing For Mental Fog

How You Can Use Zero Point Field Healing To Move Energy When it seems like you can’t think and you just sit staring at the wall, it’s time to move some energy. The low limit of the eyes open stage is 12 hz. You need a little more juice to be more than just awake. […]

Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand

How Can I Find A Cheap Energy Wand That Will Work For Me? Do you play dice? Your chances of finding a cheap energy wand that will work for you, is not as good as your chances of rolling double sixes. Let me explain. Yes, there are very inexpensive energy wands out there but their […]

Energy Wand – Iyashi Energy Wand

Full Spectrum Iyashi Energy Wand Iyashi is the name given to the original full spectrum zero point energy wand on the market. It is one of those products where you ask how they did that. Through the miracles of modern science the research and development team at IIT were able to take the zero point […]

Nano Wand – Nano Wand Pen

What is the Nano Wand Pen? Yes, it looks like a pen but it is actually a clever healing tool. You can clip it to a pocket and no one will know you are wearing a healing tool. At least that is what the nano wand pen is supposed to be. Unfortunately not all of […]

Zero Point Energy Wand –Zero Point Energy Wand Nano Wand Pen

What Is A Nano Zero Point Energy Wand Pen? It actually looks like a pen but it isn’t. It is supposed to be a zero point healing tool that helps heal the body from certain types of symptoms. The challenge with them is that most nano wand pens are totally  ineffective in doing what they […]

Zero Point Energy Wand – Full Spectrum versus Zero Point Energy Wand

How Is A Full Spectrum Zero Point Energy Wand Different Than Just A Zero Point Energy Wand? The zero point energy field is the framework which everything in the Universe is a part of. The energy diversifies to make everything look different but the root of it all is the zero point energy. Your body […]