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pills-painPain is one of the things that people fear most. It is one of the most unpleasant things a person can experience and it is caused by restricted or blocked energy caused by emotional upset, injury, surgery, emotional shock or a myriad of other personal insults. These insults have a very strong connection between the physical and the energetic. Pain is a prime example and because there is a strong energetic component to pain, it can respond very well to the full spectrum Iyashi energy wand. The Iyashi wand is simple and easy to use by anyone as an effective tool for pain with no side effects.

How Do Energy Wands Work For Pain

Because of an organic cause or even an accident, energy becomes restricted or blocked somewhere in the body, not necessarily at the injury or emotional insult site. Sometimes energy is best moved at one of the extremities  or a short distance away. Pain can also travel as you are wanding it so it is important to keep wanding the site until the pain stops travelling and disappears. The energy block is just moving along the meridian and will continue to move as the Iyashi wand pushes the blockage. If you are new to wanding, use your Iyashi wand on the pain site first, then experiment and use the Iyashi wand different places to see what changes.

The Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand For Pain

The Iyashi zero point energy wand taps into the zero point field using clean scalar energy to push energy blockages at pain sites and beyond. Once the blocked energy starts moving  the pain begins to subside so it is important to keep wanding periodically to keep the energy moving to keep the pain at bay. Once the energy has its momentum back, pain should not be an issue. Sometimes however, blockages can layer themselves one on top of the other, so keep wanding to break them up.

The Iyashi energy wand has the added feature of BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) an intuitive frequency package that marries with the pushing action of the scalar energy to raise unhealthy lower frequencies to healthier higher ones, much like adjusting a balance scale. Once the frequencies are in balance the peripheral issues related to the energy blockage start dissolving  and righting themselves. In this case, not only does the pain disappear but the underlying fear, depression and apathy also begin to change.  Being pain free is worth a lot, especially if you have been suffering for a while.

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