Zero Point Energy Wand – Amega Amwand Zero Point Energy Wand Price


Why Is The Amega Zero Point Energy Wand Price So High?

Amega Amwand is an MLM company that is strictly a recruiting machine that has a lot of mouths to feed.  The prices of MLM products are highly inflated.  The top of the line gets paid the most and they rely heavily on a strong customer based business model so they can get paid. They need a lot of repeat business to keep the payment machine going.

Having Your Own Amega Amwand Zero Point Energy Wand Business

The people who are good at selling or like the idea of having their own business like the Amega  Amwand MLM model and it has helped a lot of people financially. If you buy their zero point energy wand products you are helping them  which for them is a good thing. A lot of the time family and friends are asked to support someone in an MLM style business and some choose to do so.

You Are Helping To Pay Zero Point Energy Wand Business Expenses

There is also a few dollars per item that is used to pay import fees, transportation costs, storage fees and admin costs to run the company. It most instances it if only a small fraction of the end price, but it must be covered nevertheless.

It is also possible that Amega Global US has to pay fees to Amega Global Asia as part of their agreement to do business in North America. The end price is the result of all the above factors which you may or may not choose to support. The decision is up to you.

A Superior Zero Point Energy Wand Product

If you want a much superior product than the Amega amwand at half the price, you should research the full spectrum Iyashi zero point energy wand. It has been re-engineered here in Canada by experts in the field to bring you the finest scientific instrument infused with BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) to help you with energetic issues you may have that are affecting your physical nature. You may be surprised at how much better you feel using an Iyashi full spectrum zero point energy wand.

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    not in MLM mode.
    kindly send price detals to my mail
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