Nano Wand – Is The Nano Wand A Zero Point Energy Wand?


How Does The Nano Wand Work With The Zero Point Field?

In order for anything to work with the zero point field it has to somehow have resonance with it.  Everything in the universe is part of the zero point field. It is the framework on which everything is built. As Creation happens, energies differentiate to create different shapes, colors and functions of things we see around us. The differences we see make us think that everything is separate from everything else but that is not the case. The root of everything is energy. Genuine zero point energy products have the capacity to move scalar energy to initiate movement of energy blockages that create symptoms in the body. It is not enough for a zero point energy wand to be part of the zero point field. It must resonate and interact with it. On that note, it is possible that some nano wands are zero point energy wands. The possibility depends on quality control when the nano wand was made and what is done to it post manufacture.

Nano Wand Explained

Most products listed as nano wands or zero point energy wands are sold as is right from the factory. The factory does not test the products for consistency or quality control. They are all about production and nothing else. If you are lucky, you get a nano wand that interacts and resonates properly with the zero point field. Then you get a zero point energy nano wand. Otherwise you get something else called an inert nano wand.

Zero Point Energy Nano Wand

If you are lucky enough to get a nano zero point energy wand, it will work on a narrow band of frequencies or a single frequency. For example, different frequencies are necessary to deal with pain and sleep issues. Every symptom in the body has its specific frequency resonances which you need to effect a positive change in them. Get the wrong frequencies and you will find the nano wand does not work for you yet it may work perfectly for someone else.

A Nano  Wand Is Not A Full Spectrum Zero Point Energy Wand

If you want a zero point energy wand that works for everything, you would be wise to look at something other than a nano wand. Full spectrum zero point energy wands like the Iyashi wand are more useful versatile and more effective than narrow frequency nano wands.  The Iyashi full spectrum zero point energy wand contains a whole library of body frequencies in its BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) that is infused into every Iyashi wand. The Iyashi wand interacts fully with the zero point field providing the user with all the frequencies which can  effect health restoration without lotions, potions or pills.

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