Buying Zero Point Energy Wand on Ebay

EHM ZPE WANDWhat You Need To Know About Buying A Zero Point Wand From eBay

With the exception of the Iyashi wand which is re-engineered and infused in Canada, all the zero point energy wands are nano wands sold as is right off the boat. Bioexcel by Quantum Science, EHM and a whole litany of generic resellers are plying their nano wands on eBay. eBay has great exposure for those wanting more eyes to see their products. Unless the reseller has good customer service like Iyashi wand your only recourse is to deal with eBay directly if you don’t like your purchase and that takes time.

eBay Purchased ZPE Wand Effectiveness And Performance

The Iyashi wand is stripped of all junk energies, re-engineered and infused with BFIT which gives it full spectrum frequency capabilities that mimics the body’s innate frequencies. Its effectiveness and performance have been tested and proven to be consistent within the Iyashi brand and it works for a wide range of health conditions. All other zero point energy wands on eBay are nano wands with no or limited effectiveness and performance. They have not been tested or infused to make them effective.

eBay Purchased ZPE Wand Infusion Technology

The Iyashi wand has been stripped of all junk energies that could affects its performance before it is infused with Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology, a full spectrum frequency package that helps the body heal faster while harnessing the benefits of the zero point field. Nano wands as a general rule and particularly those sold on eBay are cheap imitations that really don’t work nor do they have any expertise in infusion technology or anything over and above rudimentary wanding techniques.  

eBay Purchased ZPE Wand Brand Awareness

Iyashi wand is widely known in the zero point wand world and has a website and blog that gives tons of information about the care and use of their full spectrum zero point energy wand. Some nano wand brands have single page websites but they do not promote the advantages of their brand because there aren’t any.

eBay Purchased ZPE Wand Price/Value

When you buy an Iyashi wand from their website or from eBay, you get a free illustrated wanding guide that shows you how to wand and where to wand for specific health conditions you may experience. The Iyashi wand has been infused and tested so what you are paying for it is good value. There is email and phone support if you need it. With a nano wand purchase you don’t even get what you pay for

eBay Purchased ZPE Wand Company Support  

With your nano wand eBay purchase you get eBay company support for the purchase only. If you have questions about how to use your zero point energy wand, you are out of luck. Some of the resellers have no contact phone or email and some don’t speak fluent enough English. At least Iyashi has full email and phone support and excellent customer service.

eBay Purchased ZPE Wand Summary

Be wary of any nano wand purchase on eBay unless you buy from a company with good customer service. Most nano wands are ineffective at relieving symptoms and have no educational material to help you understand how and where to use it.