Energy Wand – Energy Wand or Zero Point Energy Wand

iyashi-wand-verticalWhat Is The Difference Between An Energy Wand And A Zero Point Energy Wand?

An energy wand emits or interacts with a specific frequency of energy and a zero point energy wand interacts with more frequencies within the scalar energies of the zero point field. Is one better than the other? Not necessarily, it all depends on the frequency of the wand and whether it is the right frequency to affect a healing process in the body.

Different Energy Wand Types

Some people use crystals, semi-precious gems and other stones to stimulate healing and if there is a resonance the body will respond. There are all kinds of energy wands usually made by an intuitive person who can sense energy. You can find all different kinds of energy wands combining wood, metals, crystals and other materials at spiritual expos and on the internet.

Zero Point Energy Wand Principles

A zero pint energy wand works on the principle that the zero point field is the framework on which everything is built. The basis of all existence is the zero point field. Within this field is the resting scalar energy that has the quality of pure potential. It can become anything by differentiating  the energy to change vibration. Zero point energy healing is a relatively new phenomenon that has entered the market in the form of a zero point energy wand and other products. Unlike energy wands, with zero point energy wands you do not require any special skill to use them. By holding it and moving it in certain ways, anyone can stimulate energy to move.

Good Quality Zero Point energy Wand

A good quality zero point energy wand like the Iyashi wand will have the capacity to remind the body how it is designed and supposed to function. Incoherent energies, usually from emotional episodes get stuck in the human energy field causing problems. These incoherent energies interrupt and create chaos in the normal functioning of cells and tissues causing symptoms. To effect a healing, the incoherency must be interrupted and caused to resonate back to its original frequency. The zero point energy wand can do this. The Iyashi zero point energy wand functions within a wide spectrum of frequencies so most people find them more useful as a healing tool for themselves or to help others. BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) is the full spectrum frequency package infused into every Iyashi zero point energy wand to help provide the widest possible healing experience for you or a loved one. Iyashi will even show you how to use it and provide awesome customer service so all your questions are answered.

For more information on energy healing with the Iyashi zero point energy wand  check out the Iyashi Source website for educational material you may find useful.

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