Energy Wands – Using Energy Wands For Your Dog


Dogs, just like cats enjoy a good vibe. They love good energy. It keeps them happy and healthy and makes them feel better when they are low. Animals aren’t great fans of change but most of the time they can adapt and get over whatever it is. Sometimes however, loss is just too much to bear and a dog will become very depressed and stop eating and just lie in a corner. This is heartbreaking to watch and something must be done to help the animal grieve and recover. As with illness, grief can respond to energy therapy. Dogs can also be great at disguising disease. One of my rescued dogs showed no sign of illness until he started to lose a lot of weight and it was too late to intervene. Once they get past the point of no return, not even energy can save them. It can make them more comfortable and ease them through their passage, but it is best to use a good quality Iyashi energy wand on them throughout their lives to keep the energetically healthy in addition to being physically healthy. They go hand in hand.

Iyashi Energy Wands Bring Ancient Healing Into Modern Times

Medical traditions and healers have known for centuries that healing is accomplished by moving energy. Over the centuries they have used various means to do so. In recent years, zero point energy wands have been used by medical professionals, healers and non-healers alike. The Iyashi wand is a modern day example of a full spectrum energy wand that is simple and easy to use, even for a child. Since children love animals, wanding the dog is a good bonding activity between them.

Energy Wand Help Heal The Invisible

The Iyashi energy wand is a bridge between the invisible energy realm of the zero point energy field and the physical nature of us and our dogs. It creates a doorway that connects the scalar energy in the zero point field with the  energy field to change the energetic balance in the dog’s body. The Iyashi wand pulls energy into the dog, gently pushing any blockages and toxins, moving them out.

In addition, the Iyashi wand has an intuitive frequency package called BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) which helps the body to change resonance to healthier frequencies by pulling up lower frequencies with higher ones. The body comes into balance quicker and puppy dog feels better faster.

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