Amega Wand AmWand Review





The Amega amwand zero point energy wand is sold by an MLM company called Amega Global. The original company is Amega Global Asia which then branched out into Amega Global US which sold two styles of zero point energy wands and other zero point energy products including pendants, bracelets and a water product. The focus of this review is on their two styles of zero point energy wands but you can determine the relative quality of their other products by the results of this review.




Amega AmWand Effectiveness And Performance

I wish this was good news, but there are at least 8 levels of performance in the amega amwand which means for every amwand purchased you can expect at least 8 different sets  of narrow band frequencies that have limited applications of one sort or another. If you buy an amwand it is likely quite different than your neighbors as the Amega quality control is quite inconsistent. For example, let say you have headaches. Headaches can be caused by issues in any of the eight different energy meridians that transverse the head or some organic issue elsewhere. The narrow frequencies in your amwand may or may not address the specific issue you have with your headaches. If in the future, you sprain an ankle, it is also highly likely your amwand won’t help speed the healing process their either. Overall effectiveness and performance is quite poor.

Amega AmWand Infusion Technology

The claims made by Amega regarding their amized fusion infusion process state that it was developed over 15 years of research using the principles of quantum mechanics and quantum physics and is generated over a 14 to 21 day process in a vacuum chamber. The hundreds of amwands traded in on the Iyashi program were full of junk energies that could affect the health of the user and most of them were duds with no or very little energetic activity. Amized fusion appears to be very ineffective at neutralizing negative energies and cleaning their amwand of debris like they claim, not to mention being an ineffective healing tool. You would think that infusing an amwand for two to three weeks would create an awesome healing wand, but alas it isn’t so. I will give them credit however for the few amwands they do have that appear to work for certain types of pain, but if you buy one it is a crap shoot whether or not you get one that works.

Amega AmWand Brand Awareness

Just before the great Amega fiasco, the amwand had fairly good brand awareness with those interested in alternative medicine with dog and pony show events all over North America. During that time however, people also heard about another company and its excellent education and customer service. The phone and email went crazy with people wanting to know if we could fix their amwands that didn’t appear to be working. Now the amwand seems to be a passing phase as people become aware of the pitfalls of buying their products.

Amega AmWand Price/Value

For something that is so inconsistent in its performance the amwand is highly over priced, but when you buy from an MLM company you are supporting everyone from whom you bought it from right up to the top upline member. You are not getting good value for your money even if by some miracle you get an amwand that works.

Amega AmWAnd Company Support

MLM companies as a general rule have poor customer support and Amega Global is no exception. Many of their annoyed customers believe that there is a phone number connected to a phone in an empty closet somewhere they have no intention of answering. Most distributors are at the low end of the earnings scale and are struggling to survive financially. Some of them are great at helping you to learn some rudimentary wanding techniques but the word refund hasn’t entered their vocabulary yet.

Amega AmWand Summary

This is not a product I would recommend to anyone as I believe another wand scores much higher on all the above parameters. If you want to try a zero point energy wand, buy a consistent performing wand where they not only give you a valuable healing tool, but also provide wanding techniques and tips on using a zero point energy wand for your maximum benefit. If you were unfortunate enough to buy a dysfunctional amwand I hear one of the companies has a trade in program where you can get an awesome zero point energy wand that works.

Watch out for Fake Amega AmWands!

There are now fake Amega AmWands on the market which many people are confusing for the real thing and thinking they are getting a great deal for $40. Please view the pictures below so you can identify what a real amega wand looks like and what the fake amega wands look like.