Other ZPE Zero Point Energy Wand Reviews


Upon doing research in the zero point energy wand field, I’ve discovered that not all zero point energy wands are effective or good value. Some don’t work at all and what is really shocking is if you pick any nano wand brand out there the inconsistencies within it are quite remarkable. You really need to do your research and your due diligence before you put your money on the table. EHM, Quantum Science, Bioexcel, Quantum Value, Amaga, Natural Health Alternatives, NewCell, Good Health, the original amwand and a whole list of generic nano wands all have performance issues.




Effectiveness And Performance Of Other Brands Of Zero Point Energy Wands

Zero point energy wands are designed to be healing tools that help correct energetic issues in the energy fields of people, plants and animals. Nano wands are not manufactured and processed to improve them so they become a better value and more useful. They perform poorly and their effectiveness is questionable.

Other Zero Point Wand Infusion Technology

There are currently no nano wands that have any sort of infusion technology that make them an effective healing tool. Manufactures don’t have it, nor do most resellers. There are exceptions of course but generally no effort is undertaken to make nano wands better than they are right from the manufacturer.

Other Zero Point Wand Brand Awareness

Most generic nano wands have no branding and those that do are virtually unheard of, last a few months then disappear only to be replaced by others. Resellers are just selling a product they only have rudimentary knowledge of and they want to put in as little effort as possible to develop a reputable brand.

Other Zero Point Wand Price/Value

The old saying you get what you pay for is not even applicable here. You are paying for a healing tool and you won’t get it with most brands of zero point energy wands. It is a shame because there is enough business for everyone if the product is worthwhile, but alas it is not. .

Other Zero Point Company Support

Most resellers have no contact information and some don’t speak English so there is virtually no customer support. If you want information on anything to do with zero point energy wands you will need to go elsewhere.

Other Zero Point Wand Summary

It is not a good idea to invest in most brands of zero point energy wands because of the risk of it being a dud. The only zero point energy wands that are worth buying are those with a reputable infusion process with a high level of customer satisfaction and that is not the average zero point energy wand.