Nano Wand – Nano Wand or Iyashi Wand?


What Is The Difference Between the Nano Wand And The Iyashi Wand?

The zero point energy wand phenomenon gives people an alternative to medication in the form of pills and injections to help reduce and eliminate symptoms in the body. With chronic conditions the body desperately wants to rid itself of symptoms that limit full participation and enjoyment of life. The nano wand is sold as is direct from the factory and is usually very inexpensive. The Iyashi wand is re-engineered in Canada to meet very high standards of full spectrum technology designed to perform on a more efficient and effective level than the nano wand.

Nano Wand Testing

Testing done on a variety of brands of nano wands shows that there is inconsistent performance and strength throughout each brand, such that you could be lucky enough to get one that works for you or not. It is unfortunate because zero point energy wands have the potential to be the best healing tool for people to use on themselves in their own homes. It also has the potential to be the best tool for healers to amplify their ability to heal using a zero point energy wand on their clients, families and friends.

The Nano Wand Is Nowhere Close To The Effectiveness Of An Iyashi Wand

The Iyashi wand is the result of research and development of technology to utilize the zero point energy field for health and healing. It is a full spectrum zero point energy wand that works on a huge range of frequencies designed to assist the body to reorganize and eliminate incoherent emotionally based energies in the human energy field that cause symptoms. It works much differently than other zero point energy wands on the market. The Iyashi wand is stripped of all junk energies so as to provide a cleaner, more effective and efficient healing experience when it is infused with the BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) library of healing frequency formulas. The BFIT has a tuning fork-like action that can cause positive resonance changes in cell vibration. The effect produced at the atomic level, changes the resonance of each cell to a more natural innate one where it can function as it should. The full spectrum Iyashi wand can turn everyone, even a child into a healer. Imagine what a full spectrum Iyashi wand can do for you.

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