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What You Need To Know About Buying A Zero Point Wand From Amazon

There are about a dozen nano wand resellers on Amazon including Natural Health Alternatives, Quantum Value, Bioexcel, Amaga (a take off on Amega), NewCell, Good Health, the original model Amwand and a whole host of generic resellers. These are all cheap knock-off wands that are on Amazon to take advantage of the enormous amount of traffic that goes there. These are all typical budget zero point energy wands that are sold right off the boat from manufactures with little or no quality control. They are governed in the most part by and its terms of purchase and return and are a total waste of money.

Amazon Purchased ZPE Wand Effectiveness And Performance

These wands for the most part are like buying a car without a motor. They don’t do anything or they do very little. They are sold as is with as little handling as possible to cut expenses. The typical nano wand has very poor range of use, range of influence and overall performance.  There is nothing useful  in them that would make it a valuable contribution to your health and vitality.

Amazon Purchased ZPE Wand Infusion Technology

Nano wands have no infusion process that improves their performance or their effectiveness. They are typically made in one of five manufacturing centers worldwide who do not have the expertise nor the interest in creating a high quality zero point energy wand. This is true of most resellers as well who do not have the resources to test the wands they sell nor improve their performance.

Amazon Purchased ZPE Wand Brand Awareness

Basically the only brand awareness they get is from people who troll amazon. If they are curious and interested in zero point energy wands and they don’t know anything about them, the cheapest reseller will probably get a sale.

Amazon Purchased ZPE Wand Price/Value

If it doesn’t work well, it isn’t worth anything no matter how cheap it is. If you have pain or other energetic issues then you need something that works effectively so you gain some benefit. There is virtually no benefit or value in nano wands sold right off the boat.

Amazon Purchased ZPE Wand Company Support  

If you are not happy with a purchase and the reseller won’t help you, Amazon generally will. It is a real headache to have to return anything purchased on line so it is best to avoid purchasing low quality items like nano wands because you will most likely be disappointed.

Amazon Purchased ZPE Wand Summary

Nano wands are cheap, knock-off imitations that are not worth purchasing. They don’t do much and are quite ineffective in helping with pain, mobility, stress and sleep issues in addition to other health conditions that a good quality zero point energy wand can assist.