Zero Point Wand –Iyashi Zero Point Wand’s Zero Point Global Trade In Program

IYASHI WAND W CASEIyashi Zero Point Wand’s Zero Point Global Trade In  Program

Innovative Ionizing Technologies has introduced a Zero Point Global Trade In  Program to offer discounts to amwand purchasers who mail in their amwand and purchase a much better performing Iyashi full spectrum zero point wand. So far the trade in program has been highly successful for people who are disappointed with the performance of their amega zero point wand to help improve their health. Most of these people report satisfaction with how the Iyashi full spectrum zero point wand is working for them.

Repairing Dysfunctional Zero Point Wand

The trade in program was initiated because IIT was initially repairing zero point wands that were purchased from other resellers that didn’t appear to work. The IIT sales dropped and other distributors wanted to send us hundreds of wands to repair so they could resell them at a greater profit. IIT realized they were helping the illusion that other brands of zero point wands were as good as the Iyashi full spectrum one.  It would have driven IIT out of business and other unscrupulous people would carry on their unethical businesses selling junk zero point wands. In its place the repair function was replaced with the trade in program. If you could see the mountain of junk zero point wands sitting in the fulfillment center, you would be shocked. Most of them are both models of amwands from Amega Global that are going to the dump.

Ethical Zero Point Wand Business

Being ethical in business has huge benefits for Iyashi and people who are desperate to escape the pill and pain treadmill have some hope of recovery. When you become desperate to get better you sometimes spend money you really can’t afford to try something different and because the amwand is so expensive, it is really a shame that they don’t work better than they do.

Diversifying Other Zero Point Wand Trade In Programs

 IIT will be initiating other trade in programs for other brands of zero point wands in the future. Watch for them in the Iyashi Source store. Meanwhile have a look at the Iyashi zero point wand website and check out their educational material to see if a good quality zero point wand like the full spectrum Iyashi wand with its BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) infusion is right for you. We’ll even show you how to use it.

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  1. Sami grayeb says:

    Hi sr.
    I have ordered the Iyashy wand, it’s on the way to me. If the instrument works as described, I’m interested to be a distributed of the wand in galilee, Israel.
    I deal with alternative medicine, for many years, many clients are coming to me suffering of pain, they look for relief, no matter how, I do hope that the wand will answer my expectations.
    Let me know how much the wand will cost me? I want reasonable price, so my people will be able to buy it.
    Thanks in advance.

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