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Zero Point Wands – Amega Zero Point Wands Amwand Price

Why Is The Amega Amwand Price Higher Than Other Zero Point Wands Prices? MLM companies typically have higher prices to pay the upline above the purchase. It is a model that lots of people enjoy who want to have their own business. A lot of people above the purchaser get a commission on what you […]

Zero Point Wand – Amega Zero Point Wand Scam

Is The Amega Zero Point Wand A Scam? Things that look different always appear to be a scam until they are proven otherwise. Many people are very skeptical and find it hard to be convinced that something works. The zero  point wand phenomenon is no different. Amega Global sells the amega zero point wand  that […]

Zero Point Energy Wand – Amega Amwand Zero Point Energy Wand Price

Why Is The Amega Zero Point Energy Wand Price So High? Amega Amwand is an MLM company that is strictly a recruiting machine that has a lot of mouths to feed.  The prices of MLM products are highly inflated.  The top of the line gets paid the most and they rely heavily on a strong […]