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Zero Point Field Healing – EMH Wand Zero Point Field Healing Testimonial

How Do I Know If This EMH Wand Is Working? I bought this EMH wand from Quantum Science. It is supposed to heal and work with pain but I haven’t noticed anything yet with my ankle. I hope I am using it right. No one sends any instructions. I want to be able to walk […]

Nano Wand – Nano Wand Pen

What is the Nano Wand Pen? Yes, it looks like a pen but it is actually a clever healing tool. You can clip it to a pocket and no one will know you are wearing a healing tool. At least that is what the nano wand pen is supposed to be. Unfortunately not all of […]

Zero Point Energy Wand –Zero Point Energy Wand Nano Wand Pen

What Is A Nano Zero Point Energy Wand Pen? It actually looks like a pen but it isn’t. It is supposed to be a zero point healing tool that helps heal the body from certain types of symptoms. The challenge with them is that most nano wand pens are totally  ineffective in doing what they […]