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Zero Point Field Healing – Zero Point Field Healing For Mental Fog

How You Can Use Zero Point Field Healing To Move Energy When it seems like you can’t think and you just sit staring at the wall, it’s time to move some energy. The low limit of the eyes open stage is 12 hz. You need a little more juice to be more than just awake. […]

Zero Point Field Healing – Zero Point Field Healing And Your Plants

How Can I Use Zero Point Field Healing On My Plants? Plants respond to energy whether good or bad. Good energy helps them thrive, growing stronger root systems , sturdier stems and they flower more prolifically. You can really boost yield in your vegetable garden by using zero point field healing on your plants. If […]

Zero Point Field Healing – Zero Point Field Healing For Your Dog

My Dog Is Hyper and Bouncy. Will Zero Point Feld Healing Help Calm My Dog? Zero point field healing is the perfect tool for a bouncy dog. Some dogs naturally need a lot of exercise but some dogs are more hyper and nervous which can make them fear aggressive. Then you have excessive barking and […]

Zero Point Field Healing –Zero Point Field Healing Wand Trade In Program

How Can I Get A Zero Point Field Healing Wand That Works? Just like in the car industry there are lemons in certain brands of zero point field healing wands. If you have bought one of certain brands of zero point healing wands and it doesn’t work, you can trade it in for one that […]

Zero Point Field Healing – Why Is Full Spectrum Zero Point Field Healing Better?

Isn’t Zero Point Field Healing All The Same? The zero point field and interactions with it can be the same as other interactions using a zero point field healing wand provided they both have identical capabilities to do so. Just calling something a zero point field healing wand is not enough. Sometimes there is more […]

Nano Wand – Nano Wand or Iyashi Wand?

What Is The Difference Between the Nano Wand And The Iyashi Wand? The zero point energy wand phenomenon gives people an alternative to medication in the form of pills and injections to help reduce and eliminate symptoms in the body. With chronic conditions the body desperately wants to rid itself of symptoms that limit full […]

Zero Point Energy Wand – Nano Zero Point Energy Wand

Nano Zero Point Energy Wand The trend with nano zero point energy wands seems to be that they are generic zero point energy wands that are sold as is right from the factory. They operate on a narrow band of frequencies or they do nothing.  They are sold as zero point energy products but most […]

Zero Point Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand Check

Zero Point Energy Wands Use Energy Healing Zero point energy wands are energy healing wands that people use to reduce pain, improve sleep, improve circulation, increase energy and vitality and to set you on your path to take charge of your own health and vitality. Full Spectrum Zero Point Energy Wand Or Not? You need […]