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Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand

How Can I Find A Cheap Energy Wand That Will Work For Me? Do you play dice? Your chances of finding a cheap energy wand that will work for you, is not as good as your chances of rolling double sixes. Let me explain. Yes, there are very inexpensive energy wands out there but their […]

Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand

How Can A Zero Point Energy Wand Help Me Feel Better? Every once in a while life overwhelms us, whether it is an argument with someone or witnessing a terrible accident. There is an energetic interaction with your environment around you. The overwhelm comes from what I call an energy dump. It’s like the joke […]

Energy Wand – Iyashi Energy Wand

Full Spectrum Iyashi Energy Wand Iyashi is the name given to the original full spectrum zero point energy wand on the market. It is one of those products where you ask how they did that. Through the miracles of modern science the research and development team at IIT were able to take the zero point […]

Amega Global Wand – Black Tip Amwand Amega Global Wand

How is the Amega Global Wand Black Tip Amwand Better? According to Amega  Global, their new and improved Black Tip Amwand is better than their previous production. It apparently has 12 different minerals including diamond dust so it supposed to perform 50 percent better than their previous model. If nothing else the price is through […]

Zero Point Wand – Nano Zero Point Wand Pen

What Is A Nano Wand Pen? First of all, it isn’t a pen, it just looks like one. The Nano wand pens are reported to be a zero point wand used for healing. But, most of them are cheap knock-offs that do not have a healing capacity. A good quality zero point wand is a […]

Zero Point Wand – Nano Zero Point Wand

What Is A Nano Zero Point Wand? The nano energy wand is supposed to be a zero point energy healing device that you can purchase at very low cost on sites like eBay. It is a cheap Chinese or Indian knock-off that has inconsistent results. Because they are imported very cheaply, the seller sells them […]

Zero Point Wand – How is eAmega Zero Point Wand Different Than the Iyashi Zero Point Wand?

Should I Buy an eAmega or an Iyashi Zero Point Wand? The most obvious differences between the eAmega wand and the Iyashi wand is that the Iyashi wand is cleaned up energetically, re-engineered, infused with BFIT and then tested and the eAmega wand is sold as is from the factory. Every Iyashi zero point wand […]

Zero Point Wand – Are the Stronger Zero Point Wands Better?

Is There Such A Thing As A Strong Zero Point Wand? Good quality zero point wands are scientific instruments you can use to self-heal or to heal others. There are several grades of zero point wands and where they are from can have a bearing on how useful they will be to you as a […]

Nano Wand – Nano Wand Review

Why I Bought A Nano Wand My neighbor bought this nano wand on the internet because she hurt her wrist. She said it was a zero point nano wand and she paid quite a bit of money for it. It was over a hundred bucks. I have a sore knee that won’t go away so […]