Zero Point Wands – Amega Zero Point Wands Amwand Price


Why Is The Amega Amwand Price Higher Than Other Zero Point Wands Prices?

MLM companies typically have higher prices to pay the upline above the purchase. It is a model that lots of people enjoy who want to have their own business. A lot of people above the purchaser get a commission on what you have bought. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is any better than other products but you are keeping business alive by buying. You are helping a lot of people by buying a zero point wand like the amwand from an MLM company like Amega Global.

Amega Zero Point Wands Inconsistencies

One word of caution though, there are complaints from a lot of their customers about the quality and consistency of their Amega zero point wands. The price you pay is far higher than the benefits you get from their amwand. The Amega zero point wands seem to have different sets of frequencies in them, or none at all and they are not all the same. Many of the frequencies contain incoherencies containing what are called junk frequencies that are chaotic and disruptive to human energy. The hundreds of amega zero point wands that have been traded in at the Iyashi fulfillment center are a shocking testament to the poor quality and consistency of their zero point wands.

Cheap Nano Zero Point Wands

If you are looking for something cheap, the nano zero point wands are much cheaper and just as incoherent as the amwand and you can buy a nano wand for under $20.

MLM Zero Point Wands Company Attitude

MLM companies tend to buy products that they can sell with the least amount of handling. They don’t want to have to assemble, repackage or modify the product in any way. It cuts into the profit that the top of the heap gets for being at the top of the heap. Because they probably also have to pay fees to the parent company, in this instance, in Amega Global Asia, they will add those costs onto the cost of their amwand and pass it on to their downlines and customers.

Iyashi Zero Point Wands Ethics

The Amega zero point wand called the Amwand has a price is based on all the conditions at play in the MLM market. Whether you choose to support that is up to you. If you want a full spectrum zero point wand that works and is consistent, check out the Iyashi zero point wand with its BFIT (biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) infusion for an ethical company who has your best interests at heart.

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