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Zero Point Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand And Your Dog

Using a Zero Point Energy Wand To Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy A good quality zero point energy wand like the Iyashi full spectrum wand is a really good way to look after the invisible energies that could affect your dog’s health. Just like us, they have an energy field that picks up junk […]

Zero Point Field Healing – Nano Wand Zero Point Field Healing Testimonial

My Nano Wand My neighbor bought something called a nano wand. It is supposed to be some sort of a healing thing you wave around and it makes you feel better. At first I laughed because it sounded so ridiculous but he has trouble sleeping and this nano thing was helping. He says they are […]

Zero Point Field Healing – Iyashi Wand Zero Point Field Healing Testimonial

Why I Find Iyashi Wand Is Better I own and operate a chiropractic clinic in Memphis. I had been researching zero point field healing wands for some time. I finally phoned everyone I could get hold of to ask questions I couldn’t find the answers to online. I finally bought the Iyashi wand because of […]

Zero Point Field Healing – Infinity Wand Zero Point Field Healing Testimonial

What’s So Great About The Infinity Wand? I bought an Infinity wand to see if it would work for me and I must say, it is not what I expected at all. I’ve tried six ways to Sunday to get it to work but I don’t see any difference in my sore neck problem and […]

Zero Point Field Healing – Zero Point Field Healing For Pain

Get Pain Relief With Zero Point Field Healing Zero point field healing uses a full spectrum Iyashi wand to break up stuck energy and congestion in an area of the body that is causing pain. It is simple and easy to use even if you have never done anything like it before.  The Iyashi wand […]

Zero Point Field Healing – What is the Iyashi Zero Point Field Healing Wand?

Is the Iyashi Zero Point Field Healing Wand Better? The Iyashi wand is a full spectrum, efficient, clean, effective zero point field healing wand that is re-engineered to perform better than anything on the market today. That is a bold statement but research has shown that everything else on the market is sold just as […]

Zero Point Field Healing – BFIT and Zero Point Field Healing

What Is BFIT And How Does It Work? BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) is the frequency infusion package that IIT infuses into all its energy products including the Iyashi zero point field healing wand. BFIT is what makes the Iyashi wand, a full spectrum wand. Every group of cells in your body that make up […]

Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand

How Can I Find A Cheap Energy Wand That Will Work For Me? Do you play dice? Your chances of finding a cheap energy wand that will work for you, is not as good as your chances of rolling double sixes. Let me explain. Yes, there are very inexpensive energy wands out there but their […]

Zero Point Wand – How is eAmega Zero Point Wand Different Than the Iyashi Zero Point Wand?

Should I Buy an eAmega or an Iyashi Zero Point Wand? The most obvious differences between the eAmega wand and the Iyashi wand is that the Iyashi wand is cleaned up energetically, re-engineered, infused with BFIT and then tested and the eAmega wand is sold as is from the factory. Every Iyashi zero point wand […]

Zero Point Wand – Are the Stronger Zero Point Wands Better?

Is There Such A Thing As A Strong Zero Point Wand? Good quality zero point wands are scientific instruments you can use to self-heal or to heal others. There are several grades of zero point wands and where they are from can have a bearing on how useful they will be to you as a […]