Energy Wands – Using Energy Wands For Your Cat

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Cats are very energy sensitive, in addition to being very picky. They also hide issues very well and you need to be very familiar with your pussy to notice subtle changes that indicate something may be wrong. Using an energy wand like a zero point energy wand on your cat may help shift what is making her feel out of sorts. The full spectrum Iyashi zero point energy wands have an extensive range of frequencies that can work for you, your loved ones, your animals and your plants. Since cats like to keep themselves meticulously clean, they will love the clean, effective and efficient energy in the Iyashi wand.

How Will Using Energy Wands Help My Cat?

Cats in the wild eat a natural diet of raw meat, grasses, bugs and whatever else they can catch. Our modern cats eat out of a bag and a can so there are some ingredients that may not be the best for them. This builds toxins in the body along with their social interactions that may cause energy blockages and restrictions in their energy field. This is especially true with rescued animals but some cats are born more timid and fearful. Using an Iyashi energy wand on your cat, helps to calm them and quietly move energy that could be disturbing their lives and creating health concerns. By moving the Iyashi wand over or on your cat, soothing healing energy gently moves into his energy field, changing resonance and raising low disease causing frequencies. As cats get older their back ends tend to get weaker and more inefficient. Poor pussy has more trouble climbing and jumping. By strengthening the energy on her back end, it can help strengthen her physical nature helping her be more comfortable climbing.

How Do The Iyashi Energy Wands Work?

The Iyashi energy wand works on the invisible subtle energy levels in the zero point energy field that is the framework on which everything is built. When you take all matter away, the zero point field is left. The zero point energy field is full of very still scalar energy with enormous energy potential. The Iyashi wand is the gateway between the energy realms and the physical realms. It creates a vortex which pulls the scalar energy into the  energy field where it gently pushes on any blockages, restrictions, toxic energies and metabolic by-products to effect a positive change in symptoms.

In addition, the Iyashi wand has some additional bells and whistles not available in other wands. BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) is an intuitive frequency package that marries with the scalar energy to deliver natural healthy frequencies to cells who may be struggling to function at much lower frequencies than is natural for them.  Just like balancing a scale, the frequencies balance out, creating a healthier environment in which to function.

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