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Zero Point Energy Wand – Full Spectrum versus Zero Point Energy Wand

How Is A Full Spectrum Zero Point Energy Wand Different Than Just A Zero Point Energy Wand? The zero point energy field is the framework which everything in the Universe is a part of. The energy diversifies to make everything look different but the root of it all is the zero point energy. Your body […]

Zero Point Energy Wands– Are The Stronger Zero Point Energy Wands Better?

I Want the Best Zero Point Energy Wands For Me –Which One Should I Buy? My first piece of advice would be to buy the best quality and efficient full spectrum zero point energy wand that you can. It can have the most potential to help you no matter what health conditions you have. Yes, […]

Iyashi Wand – Zero Point Energy Iyashi Wand

Why Does BFIT Make An Iyashi Wand BetterThan Other ZPE wands? BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) is the infusion process that IIT uses to add healing frequency formulas to moderate peripheral issues that happen as a result of injury, surgery or health decline. Iyashi Wand Can Help With Energy Issues Which Can Cause Health Decline […]

Amega Global – How is Amega Global Wand Different Than Iyashi Wand?

Is the Amega Global Wand the Best? Amega Global was an Asian based MLM company that moved to North America and set up an MLM structured business primarily in the US. They bought factory made products and sold them at prices way beyond what they were worth to support the MLM model. They claim to […]

Zero Point Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand Check

Zero Point Energy Wands Use Energy Healing Zero point energy wands are energy healing wands that people use to reduce pain, improve sleep, improve circulation, increase energy and vitality and to set you on your path to take charge of your own health and vitality. Full Spectrum Zero Point Energy Wand Or Not? You need […]