Zero Point Wands – Pain and the Iyashi Zero Point Wands


Do Iyashi Zero Point Wands Work For Pain?

The Iyashi zero point wand is an excellent choice for pain reduction. Pain is one of the things that people fear the most and the Iyashi zero point wand can work faster on your pain that the pills you take. In the past, pills and injections were your only choice. Now you can have a fine scientific instrument that can work on the energetic root of pain and it can be faster than your lotions, potions, pills or injections.

Pain is a blockage in the natural flow of energy in the body along energy pipelines called meridians that permeate the body from head to toe. When the energy stops or is restricted it creates conditions whereby pain is produced. It doesn’t matter if you fall down the stairs or you get yelled at by the boss, a restriction or blockage results. These blockages are very odd because somehow the body forgets to get the energy moving again or doesn’t remember how.

How Iyashi Zero Point Wands Help With Pain

There needs to be a stimulus that shows the body how to get the energy moving and remove the stagnation and collections of toxins and metabolic by-products that accumulate.  The Iyashi zero point wand is the buyer’s choice. This healing wand has a very clean energy signature. All the junk energies have been stripped away so they don’t interfere with your healing process, unlike other wands on the market. The difference you will feel is subtle but it also makes a huge difference in the quality of your healing.

The Iyashi Zero Point Wands and BFIT

The Iyashi zero point wand is infused with a healing package, BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology), which helps with all the peripheral issues that happen as a result of getting yelled at by the boss. Your blood pressure rises, you get slammed with a big lump of heavy energy, you become afraid, your body hurts, you may get a pounding headache, you get angry, your mind won’t stop racing and you feel terrible. All of these things can perpetuate if they get stuck in your energy field or aura. They can be continually fed by the boss from the cords and hooks energetically pushed into your energy field. He now has a direct pipeline to you whenever he wants to vent, regardless whether you are together or not..

The BFIT in combination with the scalar energy not only deals with the physical pain you experience, it dissolves the blockages that are now in your aura. In addition, the BFIT deals with all the other stuff that emerged as a consequence of his yelling session. It takes time, but by wanding yourself daily with the Iyashi zero point wand, you mitigate the current and future effects of these interactions. After all, sometimes jobs are hard to find and you may need to stay there until the job market improves in your area of expertise. Let the Iyashi zero point wand help you manage your day to day comforts so you can be happier and healthier each and every day.

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