Energy Wand – What is Energy Wand Resonance?

face-skinWhy is Energy Wand Resonance Important?

An energy wand is a healing device that everyone can use to initiate self healing or healing of others provided it can access and resonate at appropriate healing frequencies. In order for healing to take place, there must be a means of changing incoherent, dark energies that cause symptoms into coherent light energies that heal. In order to accomplish this, resonance appears to be the easiest and simplest way. In other words, introduce the body to a healing frequency and the body will naturally start to resonate at that frequency.  Once the body continues to hum along at the healing frequency, symptoms disappear. It is like two tuning forks working together.

Zero Point Energy Wand

The most popular energy wands used these days are the zero point energy wands, particularly the full spectrum ones. The Iyashi full spectrum zero point energy wand is a good example. It contains a whole library of beneficial clean healing frequencies that the body can use.  They are healing frequencies because they resonate where a healthy colon cell or a healthy liver cell would resonate at if it were healthy.  Any cells whose vibration has dropped start to accumulate toxins and metabolic by-products which inhibit its normal function. As more and more cells get plugged up they too start malfunctioning.

You Want Full Spectrum Energy Wand Resonance

The energy wand resonance of the full spectrum Iyashi wand reminds those cells to pull up their frequency where they start dumping their toxins and metabolic byproducts and functioning more normally. As cell health improves because of improved resonance, symptoms simply disappear.  Iyashi accomplishes this resonance with its BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) energy frequency library infused into every Iyashi zero point energy wand. The resonance of each frequency can help activate healthy resonance whereby you notice you are feeling better. The more cells can shift into a healthier resonance the better you will feel.

No Other Energy Wand Is Full Spectrum

No other  energy wands have the full spectrum capabilities of the Iyashi zero point energy wand, so if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired with all the side effects from your pills, check out the Iyashi full spectrum energy wand and see if it is something you can discuss with your medical health professional. It might just be the ticket to your return to that vibrant health you remember.

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