Zero Point Energy Wand Omega Wand or Amega Wand


Is The Omega Zero Point Energy Wand Really the Best?

Actually it is the Amega Wand and those who are promoting it will tell you that it is the best. Anyone promoting a product can tell you it is the best but they need to be able to back up their claim with numbers of satisfied customers. In the early days of the on-line aspect of Innovative Ionizing Technologies, they were educating the public on what zero point energy could do for health. Because they had a large educational component to their website and they were approachable, they got a large number of emails and phone calls from Amega Global customers wanting to know if we could repair their amwands because they didin’t work. For a while, they did.

Fixing a Broken Amega Zero Point Energy Wand

The consequence of that was that Amega distributors had a clean, highly efficient amwand that they were now demonstrating and pitching to new customers and distributors. IIT realized they were aiding a broken industry so they stopped repairing Amega  zero point energy wands. In its place, a trade in program was initiated whereby an amwand could be sent to IIT, they would get an Iyashi full spectrum zero point energy wand in its place and be given a credit on its purchase.

Jumping The Amega Zero Point Energy Wand Ship

This doesn’t actually sound like the Amega wand or Omega wand is the best one to buy. As a matter of fact IIT was approached from some high level Amega leaders to convert the Iyashi line of products to an MLM model.  They realized the IIT products were high quality and the company  was free of the politics that an MLM company produces.

Being A Responsible Zero Point Energy Wand Reseller

If you like the MLM model and the prospect of having your own business it probably won’t matter if the product is good or not. You just sell it and collect your commission. If you just want a good quality product that works for what ails you, then the Amega wand is not the zero point energy wand you should be purchasing. You would be much more satisfied with an Iyashi full spectrum zero point energy wand with BFIT infusion.

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  1. shirley anne hall says:

    I was looking for a omega wand, My veternarian has one and says it is the only one to buy, But when I ask for omega on line , amega comes up. Are they the same company.

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