Freedom Wand – Infinity Wand – Auric Energy Wand Review






This brand is very confusing because they keep changing their name and their scientific authority in addition to their infusion process in an attempt to get market share. What it has done however is to create mistrust and doubt in their product. They have what could be called a budget wand in their Freedom wand and a higher end zero point energy wand called the Auric wand or the Infinity wand. There is not much difference in them except the price.

Auric Wand Effectiveness And Performance

All of the zero point energy wand products sold by this company have performance issues either in their range of use or range of influence and in their overall performance. For what you are paying and what they are claiming, this is not an effective product overall. When you buy a product, it doesn’t matter what it is, every single product within that brand should perform exactly the same.  If you are using an infusion process the performance should also be exactly the same. These zero point energy wands do not perform exactly the same. You can bash the competition as much as you like but that does not improve the performance and effectiveness of your product.

Auric Wand Infusion Technology

There are only two conclusions to be drawn from the Auric/Infinity performance issues. The first is they are sold right off the boat and there is no infusion process or two their infusion process is ineffective. They have changed the name of their infusion process and the person who invented it but it hasn’t done much for their product performance or their credibility.

Auric Wand Brand Awareness

Consistency, credibility and integrity go a long way in business to create impressive brand awareness. You can create an undesirable reputation for yourself and your product by certain tactics people can see you doing. If your goal is to improve your product by changing your brand then you need to make sure it works. The market share of Auric appears to have dropped either because of their business tactics or because they cannot afford an advertising budget.

Auric Wand Price/Value

For the inconsistency and poor performance of the Auric/Infinity wand and the Freedom wand it is not good value for your money. If you are using a zero point energy wand for your health then it needs to work optimally or it is of no use to you.

Auric Wand Company Support

Reports we have from dissatisfied Auric customers suggest the company has little expertise in the use and wanding techniques to help customers make the best use of their zero point energy wand. Phone support is apparently sporadic from reports received. You can’t go after business half heartedly. Customers want information and assistance as soon as they can.

Auric Wand Summary

The rating on this company is quite poor, between their credibility issues and their inconsistent and poorly performing product I do not recommend purchasing from this company. There are too many unknowns and their outlook is quite negative.