Zero Point Energy Wand – Full Spectrum versus Zero Point Energy Wand


How Is A Full Spectrum Zero Point Energy Wand Different Than Just A Zero Point Energy Wand?

The zero point energy field is the framework which everything in the Universe is a part of. The energy diversifies to make everything look different but the root of it all is the zero point energy. Your body is made up of different diversified parts, each of which has its own frequencies, characteristics and functions. For each cell, organ and body part to function well, it must be at or within an ideal frequency range.

Most Zero Point Energy Wands Function On A Narrow Band Of Frequencies

A zero point energy wand like eamega wand, nano wand, freedom wand, Infinity wand and most scalar energy wands is that they operate on a very narrow band of frequencies. They are limited in their capacity to affect certain frequencies to bring about healing, sleeping or the desired result. The analogy is much like a radio station you are trying to listen to but your radio doe not register the right frequency. You will never be able to hear that radio station until you get the right type of radio.

Zero Point Energy Wand Full Spectrum of Frequencies Means Versatility

A full spectrum Zero Point Energy Wand like the Iyashi wand operates on a huge range of frequencies because it has been infused with BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) which is an energy package containing thousands of frequencies in thousands of frequency formulas that can improve and maintain every aspect of health. If you are making a recipe with an ingredient you have never heard of,  you search for it in all the stores. If you don’t find it, you will never be able to make the recipe the way it was intended, or you may not be able to make it at all. This is what a regular zero point energy wand is. The potential is limited unless you are lucky enough to get one that has the frequency range you need at the moment.

A Full Spectrum Zero Point Energy Wand Is More Useful

In my humble opinion, a limited use is no good for me. Why buy a tricycle when you can get a bicycle. If I am going to invest my money in something that will improve my health, I want something that will last me for years, not months.  I want something that is innovative and useful. I want my get-up-and- go to go stronger and faster and to last me a lifetime. I choose Full spectrum Iyashi Wand over regular zero point energy wands any day. I want usefulness over redundancy.

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