Zero Point Field Healing – Zero Point Field Healing For Mental Fog

sun-rise-mountainHow You Can Use Zero Point Field Healing To Move Energy

When it seems like you can’t think and you just sit staring at the wall, it’s time to move some energy. The low limit of the eyes open stage is 12 hz. You need a little more juice to be more than just awake. There is life to live and things to think and one of the solutions to raise energy levels is with energy. Your whole body is part of the zero point framework that the Universe is built on, much like the framework of a house. You can use a zero point field healing wand like the Iyashi zero point field wand to stimulate the energy to move a little faster which will raise its frequency to where you are more alert and able to function.

Zero Point Field Healing Supports Your Natural Energy Flow

Your energy flows in particular ways and particular directions in your energy field. Helping  your innate energy flow works faster than doing random movements. Although the Iyashi has a rounded tip, it is not necessarily the business end of the wand. There is a field around the whole wand that will facilitate healing.

How To Use Zero Point Healing To Lift Mental Fog With These Wanding Techniques

You can direct, push or pull the energy using the tip as a guide but that is not written in stone. I’ll show you what I mean. Hold the Iyashi zero point field wand comfortably in your hand and use the tip of the wand to pull energy from the base of your neck over to the top of your head to the bridge of your nose. Repeat  for about 15 to 20 pulls. You may notice a buzzing particularly on top of your head.  You have just raised the frequency of energy with zero point field healing.

Another Zero Point Field Healing Wanding Technique

Now hold the side of the wand against your forehead, moving the clip so you don’t scratch yourself. Move the side of the wand up towards your hairline and down to the bridge of your nose rather briskly. Don’t push too hard using about two up and down movements per second for about 15 seconds. The energy field at the side of the wand stimulates the energy center in your forehead, changing the frequency of energy there with another zero point field healing technique.

The Best Zero Point Field Healing Wand

The Iyashi zero point field wand is a full spectrum zero point energy wand because it has been stripped of all junk energies then re-engineered and infused with BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) to help the body fix and stabilize wayward frequencies that can contribute to your mental fog and other symptoms.  Zero point field healing has a multiplicity of uses especially using the full spectrum capacity of the Iyashi zero point field wand. Mental fog is easy to shift and if you clip the Iyashi zero point field wand to your clothing it will be readily accessible to help clear heavy or dark energy so you can be your bright creative self.

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