Zero Point Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand And Your Herd Animals

sun-rise-treeHow To Use A Zero Point Energy Wand  On Your Herd Animals

Just like field crops, herd animals form energy matrixes where the herd is in tune with everything around them. You can see it in flocks of starlings, a breed of bird, where the large flocks all move in unison, abruptly changing direction all at the same time, diving and climbing in unison. If you are energy sensitive you may see an energy cloud around the birds as they are flying. Herd animals although they can’t fly, have the same type of energy grid. This grid makes it easier to use energy on them to yield more milk, make them more resistant to disease, or pile on more beef. It is simple to do and it only takes about two minutes. Whether it is chickens, turkeys, dairy or beef cows, buffalo, goats, sheep or horses you can introduce positive innate energy that a single animal can introduce to the rest of the herd or flock.  The Iyashi wand is a full spectrum zero point energy wand that has the BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) with its thousands of frequencies that can help your turkey put on more weight or your thoroughbred run faster.

Increase Your Profits With A Zero Point Energy Wand

Herd animals are in your possession to make you money. Anything that saves you money is a bonus. What if you could finish your fryers two or three days sooner or you got an extra egg every couple of days from each layer. Fact is you can by using energy to positively affect the animals. All you have to do is work in one corner of the herd or barn. The Iyashi zero point energy wand does all the rest.

Outside Animals And A Zero Point Energy Wand Technique

If you are working with outside animals pick an animal to work with. Hold the iyashi wand so the tip is pointed in the direction of the animal. Move the Iyashi wand in a clockwise circle about an inch above its head about 30 times. Then move the wand in and out like you are tapping on their head about 10 times. If the animal will tolerate it you can gently tap the top of their head. Then all you do is think the animal to pass the energy on to the rest of the herd.

Barn Animals And A Zero Point Energy Wand

If you are working in a barn situation, go to one corner of the barn and work with one animal in the corner. Again, in your mind, instruct the animal to pass the energy on to the rest of the animals in the barn. You can also wand individual animals if they seem underdeveloped.

The Iyashi Full Spectrum Zero Point Energy Wand

By using a good quality zero point energy wand like the Iyashi healing wand in cooperation with the animal energy matrix you can have healthier, faster developing or performing animals that you can be proud of. You can even use the Iyashi wand on that knee that is starting to give you problems. You don’t want to be limping around, do you?

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