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IYASHI WAND W CASEFull Spectrum Iyashi Energy Wand

Iyashi is the name given to the original full spectrum zero point energy wand on the market. It is one of those products where you ask how they did that. Through the miracles of modern science the research and development team at IIT were able to take the zero point capabilities and marry them with BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) to use the Iyashi energy wand as a storage warehouse of innate frequencies the body can use combined with a vehicle to deliver them.

Why Use An Energy Wand

Every group of cells in your organs and body parts has its own innate frequency that it resonates at in a healthy state. Your liver has a different frequency than your eyes, than your toenails, than your skin, than your pancreas and so on.  In a healthy state your body runs smoothly like a good watch.  When one of the frequencies drops or loses coherency, function drops, toxins accumulate, metabolic by-products build and symptoms start to appear. It can be a gradual process or it can be fairly quick, especially after an emotional shock.

Why Use An Iyashi Energy Wand

The BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) in the Iyashi energy wand gives the body a reminder of its resonances and acts like a tuning fork to get certain cells or groups of cells to resonate at a healthier frequency. By moving the Iyashi energy wand above or on the skin, a vortex gateway is produced which stimulates a trickle feed of scalar energy to gently push the blockages and incoherencies. This movement combined with the BFIT causes a frequency change so that the issue is no longer what it was. Cells vibrate more normally, toxins begin moving and symptoms start to disappear.  Now it is the repeat and rinse process, continuing until the symptoms are no longer felt.

Continued Iyashi Energy Wand Use

A lot of times, it is a good idea to continue to use the Iyashi energy wand long after the symptoms cease to dissolve all the peripheral issues associated with the health challenge. Some event or events usually contribute to the health challenge but sometimes it is an emotional shock years before, like their favorite grandpa dies. When health finally does become compromised other issues come into play like fear, anxiety and depression, in addition to issues like the inability to work or do the same job, family members being impatient with your condition and so on.

Flushing all that stuff down the cosmic toilet is a really good idea. You will feel better for it and the Iyashi  energy wand can be with you every step of the way. You can even clip the Iyashi energy wand to your pocket so it is always there to help you as your silent partner in health.

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