Zero Point Wand – How is eAmega Zero Point Wand Different Than the Iyashi Zero Point Wand?

amegawandShould I Buy an eAmega or an Iyashi Zero Point Wand?

The most obvious differences between the eAmega wand and the Iyashi wand is that the Iyashi wand is cleaned up energetically, re-engineered, infused with BFIT and then tested and the eAmega wand is sold as is from the factory. Every Iyashi zero point wand works like every other Iyashi wand while the Amega wands can perform differently than each other within their brand.

Junk Energies In Some Zero Point Wands

Innovative Ionizing Technologies has been researching and testing energy products to improve on the performance of their products and learn what not to do with products that make them less than the best. In their research of zero point wands, they have discovered some very startling things. First of all within a brand of wands like the amwand, the nano wand, infinity wand or freedom wand there are a whole range of performance parameters. For example, there are eight or more difference performance levels within the amwand.  All of their wands have a baseline of junk energies that you will feel if you are particularly sensitive to energy. On top of that junk energy, some of the zero point wands may be effective for sleep and not much else. Some of the amwands will be effective for certain types of pain and not much else. Some of them, about ¼ of one percent, have a small capacity to help people in higher consciousness states and not much else.  A lot of amwands have no useful healing capacity whatsoever. The big challenge in buying one is that you never know what you are going to get until it arrives and you try it out. You may be lucky or you may not. The testing staff was really shocked at the low level of quality control in an MLM product from Amega Global that is supposed to help people improve their health. There are similar performance issues with the nano wand, freedom wand, and infinity wand (at least that is what it is called now. They keep changing the name).

Clean Effective Zero Point Wand From Iyashi

It is a very good idea to do research because you learn the pitfalls and the challenges with a product so you can innovate and make the product better than anything else out there. IIT takes all those junk energies out, so you don’t have to feel them and they will not add to the energetically incoherent energies already in your energy field. They ensure that the zero point and scalar capacities of the Iyashi wand are intact, functioning as they should and are effective in their trickle feed transmission. They also add thousands of frequencies and frequency formulas in the form of BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology)that combines with the zero point energy to provide a healing tool like no other. Then there is a final test to make sure you get the best possible zero point wand on the market today. That is what makes the Iyashi zero point wand different and your best choice.

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