Zero Point Field Healing – Nano Wand Zero Point Field Healing Testimonial

FLOWERS 019My Nano Wand

My neighbor bought something called a nano wand. It is supposed to be some sort of a healing thing you wave around and it makes you feel better. At first I laughed because it sounded so ridiculous but he has trouble sleeping and this nano thing was helping. He says they are supposed to work for pain too. Well I got me a big pain in my hip so I bought one too. It’s been a week and a bit now and nothing is happening. I’ve stuck it under my pillow like George did. I’ve waved it around on my hip. The only thing I haven’t done with it is stand on my head. I’ll keep doing it but I need to know how it’s supposed to work. I tried getting hold of the guys that sell it but there is no phone number and they haven’t sent me an email. Maybe they don’t speak English.

I finally found out that a zero point energy wand is the same lingo as the nano wand so I phoned some Japanese folks called Iyashi, only I don’t think they are Japanese. They were really good on the phone telling me what to do. They say its possible this nano wand doesn’t work. I’m beginning to believe them. It was cheap enough. I’m going to try it for a bit longer but I think those Iyashi wand people are right. It doesn’t work. Maybe I’ll have to resort to buying theirs and see what happens.

Mitchell D.

Carlisle, PA

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