Zero Point Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand And Your Dog

MISHA 002Using a Zero Point Energy Wand To Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

A good quality zero point energy wand like the Iyashi full spectrum wand is a really good way to look after the invisible energies that could affect your dog’s health. Just like us, they have an energy field that picks up junk energies that can make the senior years more difficult. Yes, we all get old, but we don’t need to fall apart just because we are old. Your dog is no different. Even younger dogs can have health issues  where you can increase their comfort levels  using a good quality zero point energy wand.

The Iyashi  Zero Point Energy Wand

The Iyashi zero point energy wand has the capacity to increase micro-circulation to keep the coat thick and healthy. Some dogs are prone to skin conditions and wanding them helps. Certain breeds of dogs are also prone to digestive difficulties where they need special foods which they hate. Sometimes wanding them  rights the issue so they can eat normally and enjoy life more.  They love the energy and seem to lie content while you wave your magic wand.  You can use any of the wanding techniques Iyashi shows you, just convert them to doggie parts.

Zero Point Energy Wand In Emergencies

If a dog goes into shock, you can wand the dog until help arrives. It will stabilize the energy field  and hopefully keep the dog in stasis until you can get the dog to the vet. Many times the shock does more damage than the injury and must be managed properly.

Other Zero Point Energy Wand Uses

Zero point energy wands have many uses other than wanding your dog. You can use a zero point energy wand to wand his food and water, in addition to wanding his bed so he can sleep peacefully.

Full Spectrum  Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand

The Iyashi zero point energy wand is full spectrum, containing BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) which is like a memory bank of frequencies that the body recognizes as healthy. When you use the wand on your dog, these frequencies are available to merge with the dog’s energy and can help correct all kinds of potential health risks. These stored frequencies act like tuning forks resonating healthy frequencies that can change incoherent frequencies into healthy ones, just by resonating. It is an easy way to give back to your dog for all those sloppy kisses you get.

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