Zero Point Field Healing – Iyashi Wand Zero Point Field Healing Testimonial

sun-rise-treeWhy I Find Iyashi Wand Is Better

I own and operate a chiropractic clinic in Memphis. I had been researching zero point field healing wands for some time. I finally phoned everyone I could get hold of to ask questions I couldn’t find the answers to online. I finally bought the Iyashi wand because of the time they spent with me on the phone and by email very patiently answering all my questions. Without a doubt their products are far superior to those my colleagues have purchased. (We do play with each others toys.) I sell the Iyashi wand to my patients so they can carry on treatment at home. They find it easy to use and very effective for their joints. Even stubborn conditions are showing some response to the energy. It works best after an adjustment to relieve pain. I have bought all their products including their Cerra water which I am recommending to all my patients as well. I drink it all the time and have jugs of it in the office so patients can have a glass before their treatment. The treatment holds better. If you are looking for a superior product, I definitely recommend Iyashi.

Dr. Jacob S.

Memphis, Tn

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