Zero Point Wand – Are the Stronger Zero Point Wands Better?


Is There Such A Thing As A Strong Zero Point Wand?

Good quality zero point wands are scientific instruments you can use to self-heal or to heal others. There are several grades of zero point wands and where they are from can have a bearing on how useful they will be to you as a healing tool. They range from poor to good quality. How strong they are depends on what you want. You may find a few zero point wands within a brand that have a strong single frequency or a strong narrow band of frequencies, but in testing, there are not many of those within a single brand compared to the number sold in that brand.

A Strong Full Spectrum Zero Point Wand

There is one brand of full spectrum zero point wands that is re-engineered before it hits the mailbox on the way to you. It has a wide range of very clear frequencies that benefit the body in many ways. It is called the Iyashi Zero Point Wand. By the time it arrives at your home, it is nothing like the as is zero point wands that other companies sell.

Cleaning The Iyashi Zero Point Wand Of Junk Energies

First of all it is stripped of all junk energies that you can feel in the wand if you are sensitive. They create an icy stinging type energy that is very subtle but these junk energies are not healing frequencies. They can do damage in your field over time because they feed the incoherent frequencies already in your field. Incoherent frequencies are usually disruptive emotional energies you have stored in your energy field as you have experienced life. All the traumatic emotions create incoherent energy patterns that play out over and over again in your life, emerging into your daily life as they are triggered. It is like some sort of auto pilot that gets bigger and bigger as you get older. Eventually, you can experience physical symptoms in addition to mental anguish as these energies play out. You do not need more of them from a product you buy, so beware of which brand of zero point wand you buy, making sure it is clear of junk energy.

Zero Point Wand Testing

After the junk energies are removed from the Iyashi wand it is tested to make sure the wand is clean and the zero point scalar capacity of the wand is functioning well. The Iyashi wand is then infused with BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) which is thousands of strong, beneficial, clean healing frequencies and frequency formulas that the body recognizes and resonates with much like a tuning fork. Then the Iyashi wand is tested again to make sure it is the best healing tool Iyashi can provide before it lands in your mailbox. So, you have to decide what kind of strength you want and do your research.

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