Zero Point Field Healing – What is the Iyashi Zero Point Field Healing Wand?

IYASHI WAND W CASEIs the Iyashi Zero Point Field Healing Wand Better?

The Iyashi wand is a full spectrum, efficient, clean, effective zero point field healing wand that is re-engineered to perform better than anything on the market today. That is a bold statement but research has shown that everything else on the market is sold just as it comes from the factory with no testing or no quality control to make sure that the product they send you works like they say it does. So many people have joined the amwand trade in program for example, mailing in an amwand that doesn’t work and getting a discount on a fully functioning Iyashi wand. People who have bought other brands of wands are doing the same thing. This practice of selling products that don’t work makes the industry look bad and makes the products they sell look like a scam.

Ethics In Zero Point Field Healing

Iyashi did not want to be painted with the same brush so they make sure their products work and work better than anything else on the market today. Very few of their wands are returned during the allowed period and they have even fewer requests after the allowable return date. There is more customer satisfaction with the Iyashi zero point field healing wand and other Iyashi products.

Zero Point Field Healing and BFIT

Iyashi uses BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) frequency bundles infused into the wand that give an added dimension to the healing capacity of their wand and other products. The wand works in a more holistic way than other wands on the market. The innovation that created the Iyashi wand has come from the Iyashi research and development team who have energy awareness and the integrity to  create products that work. Now you can benefit from the best that science can provide, an Iyashi zero point field healing wand that is effective and efficient and can help reduce pain, improve sleep and improve health.

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