Zero Point Wand – Nano Zero Point Wand Pen

Picture 007What Is A Nano Wand Pen?

First of all, it isn’t a pen, it just looks like one. The Nano wand pens are reported to be a zero point wand used for healing. But, most of them are cheap knock-offs that do not have a healing capacity. A good quality zero point wand is a wonderful alternative to the pills and injection route for those who want to try something different. One of the most effective uses for a  good quality zero point wand like the Iyashi wand is for pain. A good quality one works faster at pain relief than the pills. You move the zero  point wand in various patterns to move and dissolve the energetic cause of symptoms.

Good Quality Zero Point Wand Info

If you want to read more about the what a good quality zero point wand is supposed to do, there is a lot of educational material on the Iyashi Source website that will explain what they are, how they work and what symptoms they can help. 

The Iyashi Zero Point Wand

The Iyashi zero point wand is much different than the nano zero point wand pens and other models of zero point wands sold on the internet. First of all, the Iyashi zero point wand is re-engineered before it arrives at your door.  It undergoes quite a process including stripping all of the junk energies that may be present. This provides a clean energy base that will not interfere with your healing process. Next it is tested to make sure that there is no junk energy present and the zero point capabilities are intact and functioning as they should. Then the Iyashi zero point wands are infused with the BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) which provides thousands of frequencies and frequency formulas that combine with the zero point scalar capacity of the wand to alter incoherent frequencies in your energy field that are causing symptoms.

Zero Point Wand Frequencies

The frequencies vibrate on an energetic level that the body recognizes and the unique frequency of each organ and body part starts to resonate to their natural healthy frequencies infused in the Iyashi wand. The incoherency can no longer exist because it is now resonating at its innate level so symptoms can start disappearing. Sometimes it is like trying to stop a super tanker. It takes a while so persist with the wanding techniques until you start to notice a change. Keep doing it even if the symptoms have disappeared to get rid of any peripheral energies that may be associated with the symptom.

Zero Point Wand Choices

Check out the nano wand pen by all means, but before you buy anything do your research, check out their website, phone the company and ask questions. After all, you are pinning your hopes on lasting help from a reputable product that works, if it does, that is. You would be much better off using and Iyashi zero point wand with wider applications than any nano zero point wand can every have.

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