Amega Global Wand – Black Tip Amwand Amega Global Wand

running-sunHow is the Amega Global Wand Black Tip Amwand Better?

According to Amega  Global, their new and improved Black Tip Amwand is better than their previous production. It apparently has 12 different minerals including diamond dust so it supposed to perform 50 percent better than their previous model. If nothing else the price is through the roof.

The Amega Global Wand Amized Fusion Is Inconsistent

The first amwand was infused with their amized fusion process for 21 days. After that time, the amwand had a no better performance record than the cheap nano wands. The Amega Global wand trade in program from Innovative Ionizing Technologies is hugely successful in bringing in low performing or dud amwands and giving customers a clean, efficient, effective and consistent powerful Iyashi full spectrum wand.

If the black tip Amega Global wand is also using amized fusion as they claim, the performance of it has proved to be much the same as the original amwand. Hey, its got diamond dust, so they can charge even more! All kidding aside, the black tip Amega Global wand is not a greatly consistent performer. Some people claim to have great performing amwands but as many or more have got poor performing ones.  Consistency and customer service are not their strong points. Really consider whether you want to take a chance and buy something that may or may not work because there is nowhere to contact if you need to address an issue.

Better Than The Amega Global Wand

If you are new to the zero point healing arena, you might want to check out the information and educational material on the Iyashi Source website so you know what to expect if you decide to buy an zero point healing product. If you have questions you can phone or email them and they will gladly spend time with you. They have a consistent performer in the powerful, clean Iyashi full spectrum wand which is very different than any other zero point energy product out there, including the black tip Amega Global wand. Unlike the amwand, the Iyashi full spectrum zero point energy wand  is stripped of all junk energies, re-engineered and infused with BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) an energetic library of healing frequencies that remind each cell of their innate resonance. Each Iyashi wand performs like every other Iyashi wand and is consistent in its health supporting delivery. It is your best choice for a self healing tool that works on an energetic level to help correct what you can’t see.

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