Zero Point Wand – Nano Zero Point Wand

flower-wandedWhat Is A Nano Zero Point Wand?

The nano energy wand is supposed to be a zero point energy healing device that you can purchase at very low cost on sites like eBay. It is a cheap Chinese or Indian knock-off that has inconsistent results. Because they are imported very cheaply, the seller sells them as is, right off the boat. Most of these types of energy wands are zero point wands in name only. They have no real function as a healing device.

A Nano Zero Point Wand Can Be Ineffective

Some of them have a bit of crystal or different other ingredients in them that may be of some use, but their effects are usually weak and ineffective for healing purposes. If you are ill and require something to help you heal, the nano zero point wand won’t break the bank like the amwand, but you will be wasting your money nonetheless. The percentage of duds is similar to that of the Amega wand. Maybe they all come from the same factory, who knows. The range of use, range of influence, frequency ranges and overall performance is very poor in most instances.

If you see a nano zero point wand for less than $100 it is probably in the dubious category. There are a few higher priced nano type wands on the market that claim to be better healing wands but the laboratory testing shows some of them are not much better than the cheap nano zero point wands.

Iyashi  A Good Quality Zero Point Wand

If you want to know the capabilities of a good quality zero point energy wand, check out the Iyashi zero point wand. There is tons of information on the Iyashi website that shows how zero point wands work and what you can expect when you buy a reputable product. When you invest in your health you expect something that will be effective in dealing with your current issues, in addition to improving your health for years to come. A full spectrum range of frequencies like BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology that is infused into every Iyashi zero point wand is a useful feature to have as it provides the benefit of helping to improve the widest range of conditions.  BFIT has the potential to address the widest range of symptomatic conditions of any of the zero point wand products tested. Most importantly, you are guaranteed to get a wand that is full spectrum, is clean of junk energies, and is exactly the same as every other Iyashi wand. There are no duds.

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