Zero Point Energy Wand – Nano Zero Point Energy Wand


Nano Zero Point Energy Wand

The trend with nano zero point energy wands seems to be that they are generic zero point energy wands that are sold as is right from the factory. They operate on a narrow band of frequencies or they do nothing.  They are sold as zero point energy products but most of them aren’t. Some have no internal contents, some contain a red goo, some have bits of crushed quartz crystal and some contain a type of sand (which does not generate negative ions).

Nano Zero Point Energy Wand Has Inconsistent And Poor Quality Performance

There has been considerable testing done on different brands of nano wands and they are all fairly similar. The percentage of duds trends similarly to the Amega wands, surprisingly. The range of use, range of performance, and general performance is very similar as well. The testing was done by a trained professional using a variety of testing parameters that are used to test efficiency and effectiveness  of supposed energy product.

If you see a nano wand for under $100 you can be sure it is a generic product worthy of leaving alone. Some of the higher end nano type wands like the freedom wand claim to be full spectrum but lab testing shows that it is not.

A Zero Point Energy Wand That Works

When you are unwell or uncomfortable the last thing you need is to be ripped off by a product that does not work. You are placing your hopes on getting well and this proves to be just another stumbling block along the way. You need consistency, effectiveness and full spectrum  which points to a product which is not a nano wand, but an Iyashi wand with its infused BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) that addresses a wide range of symptomatic conditions that is effective, unique and different than the nano energy wand world.

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