Zero Point Field Healing – Why Is Full Spectrum Zero Point Field Healing Better?

Picture 009Isn’t Zero Point Field Healing All The Same?

The zero point field and interactions with it can be the same as other interactions using a zero point field healing wand provided they both have identical capabilities to do so. Just calling something a zero point field healing wand is not enough. Sometimes there is more required than just using the zero point field and the scalar energy within it to restore the health of cells, organs, tissues and body parts. Sometimes an added frequency or group of frequencies that the body recognizes as healthy adds a new dimension to the healing process that is clean, efficient and effective in restoring normal function more quickly. The full spectrum Iyashi zero point field healing wand has been infused with BFIT, a library of frequencies and frequency formulas that can affect health more profoundly than a zero point field healing wand sold right off the boat.

Efficient Zero Point Field Healing

Most zero point field healing wands on the market have inefficiencies and quality control issues that make them function poorly or not work at all. This is unfortunate because, done right, this could be one of the most effective self-administered healing devices on the market. It gives the power of healing and health back to everyone in a non-invasive, non toxic way that is very satisfying and empowering. When you add frequency packages and formulas to a zero point field healing wand like the BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) Infusion process on the Iyashi zero point field healing wand, you are creating healthy resonances that the body responds and reacts to quite spontaneously which is useful to a stomach cell, for example,  if the stomach has digestive discomforts. The frequency for the healthy functioning of certain of the stomach cells which are in difficulty registers and can start resonating at a healthier vibration. As the cells remember the healthier vibration on a consistent basis, the symptoms start disappearing and harmony is restored.

Zero Point Field Healing Of A Specific Nature

There is less generalized and more specific injection of energy into a dysfunction, clear enough that the body gets it. Full spectrum zero point field healing is the cleanest, most effective and efficient way to heal  incoherencies and disharmonies in the human energy field. BFIT in the Iyashi wand appears to be the only full spectrum method of its type anywhere.

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