Zero Point Energy Wands– Are The Stronger Zero Point Energy Wands Better?


I Want the Best Zero Point Energy Wands For Me –Which One Should I Buy?

My first piece of advice would be to buy the best quality and efficient full spectrum zero point energy wand that you can. It can have the most potential to help you no matter what health conditions you have. Yes, it may be strong, but I will explain how to use it most effectively.

Full Spectrum Zero Point Energy Wands IAre Best

A stronger good quality, full spectrum Iyashi zero point energy wand is the best option for anyone hands down. There are some suggestions I have regarding the purchase of one. Firstly, don’t get too enthusiastic right away. There are a number of reasons including, the current state of your health, how long you have been like this, what meds you are on, how long you have been on them, what your living and working environments are like, what injuries you have, how much exercise you get and what your eating habits are like.

The reason I mention all of these lifestyle attributes is that they all affect the amount of toxins stored in your body cells and fluids. When you have a high toxic load you will feel it. So if you don’t leap out of bed every morning ready to attack your day, chances are you have some degree of toxic load.

Using Zero Point Energy Wands For Gradual Detoxification

When you use any of the Iyashi wanding techniques, you will be jiggling loose toxins that have been stuck in your tissues. If you go at it too hard and too fast, too many toxins will be released into your blood and lymph system too quickly. You could start to experience some very uncomfortable detox symptoms. By wanding slowly and for shorter periods of time your body will gradually release the toxins so that when you are ready to heal at a deeper level, the stronger Iyashi wand will still be a great healing tool for you over a full spectrum of frequencies.

The Innovation of BFIT In Zero Point Energy Wands

The beauty of the full spectrum Iyashi wand is the BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusing Technology) that contains thousands of frequency formulas and their combinations which act as a cupboard of huge potential for healing and health. The body will start to resonate and harmonize with the frequencies that it immediately needs in the wand and leave the rest until it needs them. As your health improves, other frequencies that the body needs will be ready and available. The Iyashi wand is a product you can use for a lifetime, improving and maintaining your health. Yes, strong is best because it has the greater potential to serve you well for a  longer period of time.

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