Amega Global – How is Amega Global Wand Different Than Iyashi Wand?

real-or-fake-wandsIs the Amega Global Wand the Best?

Amega Global was an Asian based MLM company that moved to North America and set up an MLM structured business primarily in the US. They bought factory made products and sold them at prices way beyond what they were worth to support the MLM model. They claim to have a fabulous infusion process that takes 21 days to complete, purportedly making their amega wand the best in the world.

Testing Amega Global Wands

When Innovative Ionizing Technologies started their on-line business, they received hundreds of phone calls and emails from eAmega wand purchasers enquiring whether IIT could test and fix their wands because they  didn’t work. As a result IIT had access to a few hundred amega wands through this process, in addition to the eamega trade in program where they tested the amwands for quality control, range of use, range of influence, frequency diversification, and several other parameters.

Inconsistent Amega Global Quality Control

The IIT staff was shocked at the large number of duds in the amega wands they received from dissatisfied customers. It was thought that the Amega amwand was the cream of the crop of the wand industry, at least this is what Amega was portraying themselves to be. The only explaination the IIT research and development team could figure out was that if Amega Global was in fact infusing their product that they could be piling the wands on a metal plate and blasting them with tachyon or radionic technology of some sort. That would partially explain the inconsistent quality control because the wands on the top and the outside would get the most juice and the ones at the bottom in the middle would get the least. The new model of amwand was no better in the parameters mentioned above than the old amega wands. It was just more spiffy looking with a much higher price.

IIT Testing Of Amega Global Wands

IIT on the other hand also imported zero point energy wands from overseas and brought them to their facility on the west coast of Canada. They take each wand and strip the energetic junk out of it, then test is to make sure the zero point  capabilities are functioning as they should. Part of the testing is to make sure that each wand is ready for the BFIT infusion process which takes less than a day, not 21 days like the amega process. After the BFIT infusion process each Iyashi wand is tested for quality control, range of use, range of influence, frequency diversification, and several other parameters.

High Consistent Iyashi Quality Better Than Amega Global

The Iyashi lab is kept as energetically clean as possible and the laboratory staff is trained how to keep the environment in the best condition to handle, infuse and package all of their Iyashi energy products. Every Iyashi wand performs just like every other Iyashi wand, there is no such thing as a dud.

The eamega wands work on a very narrow band of frequencies if you are lucky enough to get one that works. If you are fortunate to get one that works with pain, you will soon realize that it won’t do anything else and as your frequency changes, it may not continue to work for you. If that happens you are more than welcome to trade it in for a full spectrum Iyashi wand that works on all frequencies. It is a fine scientific instrument that is designed to last a lifetime. I know where I would put my money.

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