Zero Point Field Healing – Zero Point Field Healing For Sleep Insomnia

face-skinHow Zero Point Field Healing Can Improve Sleep

Zero point field healing uses harmonizing and balancing zero point energy to help turn sleep insomnia into restful restorative sleep without medication or side effects. It can naturally shift energetic frequencies to turn off the monkey mind that is the single most strong impediment to restful sleep. When the mind cannot shut off, there are energies that want to continue processing whatever it is focused on. With zero point field healing, especially with a full spectrum Iyashi zero point field wand with its BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) sleep frequency bundles, the disruptive energies are harmonized like with a tuning fork to change incoherent frequencies into restful ones. The body is better able to respond by relaxing into a sleepy state.

The Zero Point Field Healing Iyashi Difference

BFIT contains thousands of frequencies  including a sleep induction package which is contained in the Iyashi zero point field wand to help turn off the monkey mind that insists on thinking about all the things it has concerns about. These thoughts are usually in the 12 to 15 hz range which seems to remain even if the eyes are closed. It is an alert engaged state that is not interested in sleeping. The BFIT sleep frequencies  act like a tuning fork to slow the active frequencies so the brain can move into a more restful relaxed state more suitable for sleep. By using the wanding techniques  in the Iyashi wanding guide you can change the energy frequencies from that engaged state to a more disinterested, disengaged state.

Zero Point Field Healing Can Influence The Energetic Part Of You

Zero point field healing deals with the energetic part of you, helping to move what you can’t see or feel into  a more harmonized state to improve health in different ways, including improved sleep. Sleep insomnia robs the body of what it needs to rejuvenate and repair. By helping the body correct energy frequencies the body resonates more coherently for its optimum health.  

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