Zero Point Field Healing – Zero Point Field Healing For Help For Insomnia

headache-picHow To Use Zero Point Field Healing For Insomnia

Without proper sleep the body cannot repair the wear and tear properly so over time your health can be affected. Using Zero point field healing using a full spectrum Iyashi wand  with its BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) sleep frequency formulas  can help you get to sleep and stay asleep without medication or side effects. The Iyashi zero point field wand can harmonize your innate energy with its beneficial sleep frequencies to induce sleep faster and more deeply.

Reducing Frenetic Energy With Zero Point Field Healing

Some days are quite frenetic with everything that has to be done and sometimes it is hard to turn off the buzz so you can slip into sleep then stay there. It is the energy that is still very active in your personal energy field that keeps moving. Some of the energy you have picked up sometime during your daily routine. These foreign energies want to continue being active enough to keep you awake.  With your Iyashi zero point field wand, you will be using the tuning fork principle to cause those busy energies to harmonize with natural sleep frequencies to allow you to gently drift off to sleep.

Iyashi Zero Point Field Healing Wanding Techniques For Sleep

Iyashi has explained various wanding patterns that help induce a sleepy state, and this technique is just another way that you can do it. Hold the Iyashi zero point field wand comfortably in your hand and slowly sweep the energy from the bump on your skull behind the ear up over your head and down to the bottom of your chest. So the wand comes from the back side of your head, up over your ear to your forehead, then down the front of your face to the bottom of your chest. Do each side about 30 times.

Then, looking at the wand, move it in a clockwise circle, then wand the center of your chest about 30 times. Now place the Iyashi zero point field wand on your bedside table with the tip pointing towards your pillow, get into bed and go to sleep, letting the zero point field healing of the Iyashi zero point field wand help you with your insomnia.

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