Zero Point Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand And Increasing Your Crop Yields

gold-red-energyStrengthening The Field Crop Matrix Using A Zero Point Energy Wand

Field crops are one of the easiest to affect positively using zero point energy. The process is simple yet effective in optimizing the size of your plants and their yields using a zero point energy wand like the Iyashi wand. The zero point field is the framework of everything in the Universe. If you strip all matter, atoms and molecules away the zero point field is what is left full of pure energy and its potential. What this means for farming is you can use zero point energy to increase the strength of your plants framework. The result is this can increase plant size, crop yield, and root size and efficiency which helps improve nutrient uptake to support the bigger plants. It all affects your bottom line. It sounds kind of weird but it really works.

More Corn With A Zero Point Energy Wand

If you are growing corn for example whether it is for silage or for sale, an extra ear or two on a plant two feet taller is the kind of yield you like to see. By working with one plant in the corner of the field, you can affect the whole field. The process takes about two minutes. You can even test the process on a few rows of corn just to make sure it is working.

The Iyashi Full Spectrum Zero Point Energy Wand

The Iyashi wand is a full spectrum wand that looks like a pen and uses the zero point field in combination with an infused library of thousands of frequencies that support plant metabolism, growth, disease resistance and other factors. There are other zero point energy wands on the market but they function on very narrow bands of frequencies.

How To Increase Your Crop Yield With A Zero Point Energy Wand

Go to one corner of your field where the seedlings have emerged. Find the first plant in the first row. Hold the Iyashi wand in your hand so you can move the tip of the wand around the plant in a clockwise direction. Move the wand around the plant about 30 times. Because plants form energy grids called matrixes  that is their communication and protection grid, all you have to do is tell the plant in your mind to pass the energy on to the field of plants, or if you wish to experiment, to the first three rows.

Noticing A Difference A Zero Point Energy Wand Makes

Within a few weeks you should notice there is stronger growth in the wanded section. If you wish, you can then pass the energy instruction to the rest of the field. The BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) infusion has beneficial frequencies that are passed to the plant that is a vibe they love. It helps them grow stronger and more vibrant. It eventually shows in the flowers and fruit they produce.

Other Zero Point Energy Wand Uses

Carrying your Iyashi wand clipped to your pocket, keeps it handy when you are out in the fields. This way you can give your crops an energy boost whenever you need to. Zero point energy wands are good for people too, especially with all the aches and pains farmers can get from the heavy work. Good quality ones can be effective tools to make farming and life easier.

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