Zero Point Energy Wands Reviewed

pile-wandsYou are looking at getting a zero point energy wand but are unsure which one to choose. We have reviewed all the major brands helping guide you to the best choice. All zero point energy wands are not created equal and this review site will outline the strengths and weaknesses of each wand. The different wands which have been reviewed are;

Iyashi Wand – 5 stars 

Amega AmWand – 3.5 stars

Nano Wand – 3 stars

Bioexcel Wand – 2 stars 

Auric Energy Wand – 1 star

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We look at important factors such as effectiveness/ performance, Infusion technology, brand awareness, price/value and customer support. The fact is some zero point energy wands like the Iyashi Wand work fantastically while others just are designed to look like the real thing but do not possess the same infusion technology.

Popular brands such as the Amega AmWand may seem tempting to get but because of their MLM structure tend to be overrated. You also have to watch out for knock off wands of the major brands.  We suggest purchasing from the main company’s website as there are knock of wands out there that claim to be the real thing but are fakes. This is mainly prevalent with the Amega AmWand due to its MLM popularity. So if you see a wand that is regularly $150 selling for $20-$50 it is most likely a fake.

You can visit to purchase the Iyashi wand which is the highest rated wand.