Zero Point Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand And Reiki

still-energy-zero-pointUsing A Zero Point Energy Wand To Make Your Reiki Sessions More Powerful

The zero point energy field is where scalar energy first manifests. It is the place of pure potential before the energy differentiates into energies with specific qualities and attributes. Once energy takes on qualities, it can become contaminated with invisible junk. It even happens with Reiki energy , no matter how careful a practitioner is. One way to avoid or correct contamination is to draw healing energy right from the zero point field, rather than from where it has traditionally been drawn from. To do that you simply use a zero point energy wand like the Iyashi wand that functions within a wide spectrum of energies provided by BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) when Reiki symbols are drawn.

Using A Zero Point Energy Wand To Draw Pure Potential

Since the zero point field is the place of pure potential before energy differentiates itself, frequencies with very specific resonances and purities within the Iyashi zero point energy wand as BFIT can be used to draw pure healing energy from the zero point field.  The healing frequencies in BFIT combine with the scalar energy from the zero point field and the Reiki symbols to provide amplified pure healing energy.

A Zero Point Energy Wand Filters Out The Junk

When Reiki was first invented, most people were second chakra dominant, which means that they were more family and relationship oriented. In this modern day, more and more people are fourth and fifth chakra dominant. Relationships are different these days than they used to be and the upper chakras don’t resonate as strongly and cleanly with Reiki energy as they could. By providing a clean gatekeeper in the form of an Iyashi zero point energy wand, you can provide clean effective energy to sweep out the junk and not introduce any new clouded energy.

Clean Pure Energy With An Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand

It is nice to believe that what you are doing with Reiki is clean, pure energy just by using your intent, but unfortunately energies with certain qualities can ride in on the Reiki symbols only to manifest months later in a client’s energy field. Only an expert energy therapist can track the origin of such energies  and deal with them.

Instead, why not ensure the purity of your Reiki sessions with an Iyashi zero point energy wand that filters out the junk and makes you the stellar healer you know you are.

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