Zero Point Energy Wand – A Zero Point Energy Wand And Your Plants

DSC01008Using A Zero Point Energy Wand To Keep Your Plants Healthy

Plants have an energy field just like we do although it is a little more primitive. It reacts to energy and its situation  and can benefit from the use of a good quality zero point energy wand.  Plants react to stress from too little or too much water, the wrong soil type, pests and diseases and even challenges with animals and their interactions.

Relieving Plant Stress With A Zero Point Energy Wand

 When plants are stressed they cannot function normally and  they can go into shock, particularly when they are transplanted. By using clockwise circles around the plant, you can dissipate stress and minimize its effects.

The Iyashi Full Spectrum Zero Point Energy Wand

 The Iyashi wand with its BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) can also impart beneficial frequencies  to your plants so they can take up water and nutrients more efficiently and they can develop strong roots and stems. I have seen bigger and brighter blooms as a result of using an Iyashi wand on them. This is great for country fair competitions where you are expecting the blue ribbon for your superior blooms.

Zero point energy wands can work for houseplants as well as the garden variety. Plants thrive in the energy and reward you with lots of fruits, vegetables and flowers. It’s like living in paradise.

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